Whole Spectrum Intervention System

Ripple Effects Whole Spectrum Intervention System is a comprehensive, technology-enabled, system of integrated resources for effective, culturally competent, personalized, tiered interventions to address non­academic factors in school and life success: emotions, behavior and the risk factors that underlie them.

The system includes personalized, learner-directed, student and staff training software, online assessment and reporting tools, implementation planning guides, and supplemental resources, including posters and parent post cards. See a three minute video or download the 32 page booklet. Typically learners – usually youth – use it in 15 to 20 minute bites, for an assigned length of time, under adult supervision, but not adult mediation of the experience. After as little as 3 hours contact, grades go up, behavior problem go down.

Evidence-based, proven effective

Listed on the National Registry of Evidence Proven Practices (NREPP) as a children’s mental health intervention with proven positive academic and resiliency outcomes, Ripple Effects is also on the Model Program list of the National Drop Out Prevention Center.

It is an adaptive intervention that provides person- and context- specific skill training and guidance to the whole spectrum of today’s youth, with special emphasis on the needs of youth most at risk of negative health, safety and educational outcomes, and involvement with the juvenile justice system.

The components

The WSIS system consists of:

1. An integrated set of software tools

2. Implementation resources

  • Live
  • Print
  • Electronic

3. A structure for tiered interventions

4. Research under various conditions of use

  • Formative
  • Process
  • Outcomes

A community of users who:

  • Generate and contribute content
  • Share wisdom about effective practices
  • Offer continuing direction for new development