Technical and Implementation Support

You have been charged with the job of implementing and/or installing and maintaining Ripple Effects behavior training programs; now what?

Implementation support

Ripple Effects Whole Spectrum Intervention System (WSIS) was designed to enable youth serving organizations to easily implement evidence­-based, scalable, sustainable, tiered interventions to meet the prevention needs of a wide spectrum of users under a whole spectrum of site-specific, real-world circumstances.

The Whole Spectrum Implementation Support System includes live, print, digital, and video resources for staff, administrators and parents to facilitate realistic planning and ensure effective implementation, standardized scalability and affordable sustainability.

Technical support

You may have extensive technical training; you may have very little. You may be a full-time technologist; you may be a part-time “draftee.” Either way, we are here to support you.

Regardless of your expertise or background, you probably have more responsibilities than you have time to fulfill them all. Thus, efficiency is really important. Please let us know if there are issues we have not covered, or where explanations are unclear. It helps us make your work easier. We truly appreciate your efforts to get Ripple Effects up and running for your kids, teens, and staff.

Please call Toll-free: 888.259.6618 (8:00am-5pm PST) or email

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