Implementation Support

The biggest challenge youth advocates and educators face is NOT in finding a program that is proven to work, nor even in finding a way to fund and start it. Over a period of time, most public agencies have funded a whole litany of theoretically excellent programs.

Yet negative outcomes persist. One reason is that implementation of these excellent programs often fails. It fails for a variety of reasons. The Ripple Effects Whole Spectrum Intervention System (WSIS) was designed to enable youth serving organizations to more easily implement evidence­-based, scalable, sustainable, tiered interventions to meet the prevention needs of a wide spectrum of users under a whole spectrum of site-specific, real-world circumstances.

The Whole Spectrum Implementation Support System includes live, print, digital, and video resources for staff, administrators and parents to facilitate realistic planning and ensure effective implementation, standardized scalability and affordable sustainability.

Live training & support

Ripple Effects live training and print support materials provide a guided process for both district level planning and site­-specific adaptation, helping users select from the literally millions of combinations of ways to implement, without losing fidelity to science-based instructional strategies. Training and support materials clearly identify core components and optional elements, for both process and content, for various kinds of use. This provides a framework that explicitly recognizes the importance of both fidelity and adaptation.

Software-based embedded coaching

136 tutorials address every aspect of the implementation process. The nuts and bolts of implementation, as well as process elements like getting buy in, and dealing with burn out are covered in a unit on making programs work. A second module, on Managing Diverse Learners, provides personalized coaching for educators to privately deal with sensitive issues, especially cultural competence. A third module, on transformative leadership, coaches implementers in the social-emotional competencies that are highly correlated with their overall success in education, as well as their success with specialized SEL program.


Ripple Effects clients also have access to a comprehensive set of resources for implementers, parents, technologists and researchers.

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