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“At first I thought you were going to tell me how these programs would replace me, now I see these programs are just going to help me do my job better.” Ripple Effects training participant

PD: Trainer training and site-based training

Trainer training from Ripple Effects provides a guided process for both district-level planning and site-specific adaptation. During all training, participants learn by doing. In train-the-trainer sessions, they start the same way their trainees will: by taking the roles of different students who present the same behavior problem for very different underlying reasons, then each one following the path that their student persona might take.

Similarly, they experience how Ripple Effects for Staff professional development software can be a personal problem-solving tool, working in different ways for different educators, with different needs, interest and backgrounds. They become acquainted with the planning, assessment and data management functions, then turn to how they can use Ripple Effects to best align with and add value to district level initiatives. Finally, they plan the structure and timing of the training they will then provide to implementers.

In on-site training sessions, once they understand how the intervention app works, teachers are often drawn to the challenge of using the planning tools to create and monitor individual RTI plans. Live training sessions ideally also include creation of a site-specific, implementer owned, school-wide implementation plan, using a fill-in-the-blanks template that can be saved and updated through the data management system.

PD: Software-based, embedded coaching

Ripple Effects staff training software, personalizes professional development and makes it universally accessible, by inviting teachers (just like with students) to enter through the door of whatever is their most pressing personal concern, whenever and wherever it makes the most sense for them to do so.  140 multi-media tutorials in Ripple Effects for Staff build personal social-emotional competencies, and address potential barriers to implementation success, whether those barriers are internal to the teacher, located within  students or classroom, or institutional barriers to successful implementation.

Focused manuals matched to your goals

Clear, practical, easy-to-use implementation manuals guide successful use of Ripple Effects for tiered intervention in a variety of settings: More than 60 adaptable,  preconfigured plans make it possible to 1) customize universal programs to promote SEL; 2) target prevention to address group and individual risk factors, and 3) personalize delivery of indicated intervention, with dozens of adaptable  treatment plans to address specific behavior problems. Separate manuals address 4) using Ripple Effects as a supportive, corrective intervention in juvenile justice settings, and 5) its potential – and limits – for use as a mental health intervention.

Supplemental materials

A rich library of supplemental materials engage parents, reinforce key messages, extend student experiences to offline activities, and provide “micro credentialing” that certifies skill training. They include: Personal Trainer for Parents, an illustrated manual in English and Spanish; Posters to promote key social emotional abilities, in two forms: Teen version, uncolored for students to color in as a calming, reflective activity, and both Teen and elementary kIds versions, already colored in, to display on walls and reinforce key skills; Certificates of Achievement for skill training in core social emotional competencies (one at elementary level, one at teen level; early learning certificates are built into the Bouncy app); Eagle Eye Parent Postcards to alert parents to what their children are doing right.

Customized content

For larger installations, we offer two kinds of customization:

    • Interface theme: Currently there are urban, rural mountain and rural farming themes. We can work with local artists, especially youth, to localize the look and intro audio.
    • Content additions: Currently there are 421 unduplicated topics in the teen program alone. Dozen of those have been initiated by, and completed in collaboration with clients who identified specific needs of their student populations.
“At first I thought you were going to tell me how these programs would replace me, now I see these programs are just going to help me do my job better.” Ripple Effects training participant