Client Success

Client success stories

We believe we’ve finally found a strategy that really helps children redirect their behavior
Ann Farone, Director of Student Intervention Services, The School District of Palm Beach County

I used to have between 8 and 13 repeat referrals a day on average. … Now, I’ve got just two. … I’m not sure what happens when they leave here, but they just don’t come back.” 
Warren Ellington, ISS teacher at Appling Middle School in Macon, Georgia

Ripple Effects helps get to the heart of the issue.” 
Ty Barlow, Director of Alternative Schools, Pinon Unified School District, Chinle, AZ.

This product has the potential to change lives.”
Al Lachut, Head of Mental Health Services, El Dorado Public Schools, AR.

“This is the best thing I’ve seen in a long, long time in terms of prevention.”
Rochelle St. Marie, Safe and Drug Free Schools Coordinator, Lafourche Parish, Lockport, LA.

One student, “stayed out of trouble using Ripple Effects and begged to get on it every day.” 
Michelle Smith, Loudoun County Juvenile Detention Center, Leesburg, VA.

“Ripple Effects gives them permission to talk about things they might not have brought up otherwise.” 
Jessica Ball, Unit Supervisor, Boys & Girls Club of Benton & Franklin Counties, Pasco, WA.

Some get so hooked (on the program), I’ve even offered them a break, but they choose to keep on working. Some even come in on their lunch time and ask to use it.” 
Jennifer Ayres, ISS counselor at Aki Kurose School

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