I to I
Unique school climate survey

Lots of tools assess school climate. The US Department of Education offers a very good one developed by our colleagues at AIR to assess engagement, safety, and environment. Many others have specific questions about drugs, weapons, alcohol, access to resources, and trust. The I to I Survey is distinct from all other surveys in three ways.

Why it’s unique

“It’s not enough to teach students traditional interpersonal skills”
  • It is the only tool that focuses exclusively on perceptions of bias – racial, religious, gender, sexual orientation, ability – as key indicators of school climate
  • Students, parents, educators, and non-professional staff all separately and anonymously register their perceptions of exactly the same things
  • After they have finished, everyone can see the results of all the groups, and where their answers fit within the answers of their group

The I to I Survey is one component of the Ripple Effects Planning and Assessment Kit.

What it measures

The I to I Survey covers three things:

  1. How each group sees adult behavior toward diverse groups of students
  2. How each group sees student behavior toward diverse peers
  3. How the the person completing the survey feels about different groups

The combined responses provide a window into the sensitive area of perceived equity at school from different points of view. Substantial differences between students and staff, between certified and non-professional staff, or between parents and either group, about how they see specific things, may signal the need for focused intervention in that particular area.  A comprehensive resource list provides a wide list of options for schools to choose from in deciding next steps.

“It’s not enough to teach students traditional interpersonal skills”