Software for Kids

Ripple Effects for Kids is a research-based tool to help children build resilience and handle the non-academic issues that get in the way of school success. 175 engaging, interactive, reading-independent tutorials build key social-emotional abilities that are more connected to school success than IQ: self-understanding, empathy, impulse control, management of feelings, assertiveness, decision-making and connection to community. The result is kids who know themselves, stand up for their beliefs, solve problems, feel for and connect with diverse others — and do well in school.

The program also provides an affordable, accessible way for elementary students to access personal guidance and skill building in areas of concern that they may be reluctant to seek help for in person. Research shows a large majority of elementary students who were prescribed Ripple Effects for skill-building in discipline settings, also used the program to voluntarily access personal guidance in areas from bed wetting, to beaten, to alcoholic parent.

Ripple Effects for Kids can be used with groups for character education, personal safety training, and overall academic success. It can be used for individualized intervention/guidance on behavior problems (bullying, talking back, lying, fighting), health (obesity, tobacco) and mental health issues (sad, shy, lonely, divorce etc.)

The software uses Ripple Effects Whole Spectrum Learning System to provide research-based, cognitive, behavioral and affective strategies in engaging formats. Peer modeling, true stories, media analysis, journaling, self-profiles and games to assess content become a catalyst for communication with trusted adults, while preserving fidelity to proven effective methods.


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