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Student Software, Professional Development, Screening/Assessment, Data Management

Ripple Effects develops and supports an integrated set of technology tools to change behavior, increase academic success, and strengthen pro-social behavior among children and adolescents and the adults who work with them. The latest release, Version 5.0 is available for iPads, Chromebooks, Android tablets, Windows devices and Macs, and includes the new rural edition of Teens, designed in part with students from the Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative in Hazard, Kentucky. The programs are NREPP listed for comprehensive mental health supports and substance abuse prevention, and the National Dropout Prevention Center also lists Ripple Effects as a model program with its highest rating.

The broad, evidence-based, flexible learning system provides trauma-informed, personalized learning programs ideal for:

  • Tier 1, Universal promotion of key social-emotional abilities (SEL)
  • Tier 2, Targeted prevention of risky behaviors – from bullying to substance abuse
  • Tier 3, Individualized intervention with students who need supportive discipline or counseling
  • Behavioral RTI
  • School/district- wide PBIS

Assistant principals, teachers, counselors, mental health specialists, prevention specialists, social workers, and school psychologists rely on it in special education, counseling, advisory, health, in-school suspension settings and after-school programs.

Kids_44_HomeRipple Effects For Kids (grades 2-5) is an engaging, personalized, evidence-based behavior training program for promotion/prevention/interventions, which also meets special education needs.



forprod-KEYSRipple Effects For Teens (grades 6-11) is proven to reduce discipline referrals, build resilience, and raise grades. Its personalized learning system provides trauma-informed instruction to address behavior issues and the reasons behind them.


productslide_0005_staffRipple Effects for Staff  provides professional development on classroom leadership, management of diverse learners and implementation best practices for evidence-based programs. It provides a computerized method to scale and sustain effective interventions for all students year after year.


ScreenForStrengths_MacQuestionScreen for Strengths  is a set of digital screening tools designed to measure seven social-emotional attributes associated with resiliency, pro-social behavior and school success.


Data_Manager_Reports_Window_700x470Data Manager  is an app designed to be used by staff in concert with Ripple Effects for Teens and Ripple Effects for Kids. This digitally-delivered program measures usage, compliance and dosage.


bouncy_title_card Bouncy the People Trainer’s You Can Learn – School Edition (pre-K thru 2) is a fun and engaging social-emotional learning app designed to develop the mindsets needed to persevere and succeed in learning for four, five, and six-year-olds. You Can Learn – School Edition is especially designed to support licensed users in the classroom. Educators can unlock extensive resources and an easy to use data management system.


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