Ripple Effects Groundbreaking Guarantee

Ripple Effects Groundbreaking Guarantee

(For School-wide and Volume License clients only)

When Ripple Effects student and teacher software is used as directed, on a site-wide basis, Ripple Effects guarantees that within one year of use, it will measurably increase prosocial behavior and/or reduce discipline related behavior and/or school violence along no fewer than three parameters, or the Company will refund the entire purchase price.

Improvements would involve DECREASES* in one or more of the following:
1. Suspensions*
2. Disproportionate referrals
3. School yard violence
4. Tardiness
5. Office referrals for behavior problems*
6. Absenteeism
7. Expulsions*
8. Fights
9. Bullying
10. Extortion
11. Challenges to teacher authority
12. Racial slurs
13. Racially based fights
14. Sexual harassment
15. Gay bashing
16. Tattling about minor problems
17. Cursing, swearing and obscenities
18. School-based vandalism and graffiti

*As a result of instituting a clear set of strength building consequences, disciplinary rates would first go up, before declining.

Improvements would involve INCREASES in one or more of the following:
1. Voluntary student use of computer-based motivational counseling
2. Voluntary student use of school counselors
3. Student reports of threats by other students
4. Student reports of other students’ need for help or intervention
5. Peer helping
6. Use of courteous phrases in classroom setting
7. Student adherence to published norms for behavior
8. Positive awareness of and appreciation for racial and cultural differences
9. Student initiated problem solving and conflict resolution
10. Student ability to identify those who can help with personal problems
11. Student use of community resources

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