How to Fund Ripple Effects in Your School District

Ripple Effects software fits the guidelines of many public and private funding sources. Some of the major ones are listed below, along with specific information on how the software addresses each source’s key issues. You can also email us and we will send you a free grant proposal template.

In addition to grants listed below, consider self funding through your school or district: the software can pay for itself in a matter of months via your district’s increase in revenue or reductions in expenses due to the use of Ripple Effects programs.

Using results from effectiveness studies on Ripple Effects software you can show a 900% to 2500% return on investment for Ripple Effects programs after just one year of use. In other words, spend $8000 at your school and you can net a savings of $83,000 to $240,000 on the school’s budget. How? By reducing truancy or summer school referrals. The returns are even higher if you combine the results.

Title 1 Funds

Ripple Effects:

  • gives teachers skills they need to improve student achievement
  • addresses socioeconomic issues with topics such as “embarrassed about family,” “neighborhood,” and “poor”
  • addresses low performance issues with topics such as “failing in school,” “learning style,” and “dropping out”
  • includes hundreds of assisted writing exercises
  • provides individualized learning style assessments to boost academic performance
  • can be used school-wide

IDEA/Special Education Funds

Ripple Effects:

  • is broken down into thousands of simple modules that can be combined in nearly infinite ways to meet the learning needs of each student
  • includes language art exercises
  • practices language constructions such as “if/then,” that provide the cognitive structure necessary for predicting consequences.
  • includes built-in, simple screening tools for ADHD, dyslexia, and moreYeah you

Title IV Funds (Safe and Supportive Schools Initiative, Safe Schools Healthy Students, and 21st Century Community Learning Centers)

Ripple Effects:

  • puts best practices in prevention all in one place
  • is based on research in prevention, education, and victimology
  • has built in assessment tools
  • carries a guarantee tied to positive outcomes using objective data
  • covers all areas related to drug, alcohol and violence prevention
  • matches the Principles of Effectiveness 

Character Education Funds

Ripple Effects:

  • uses proven, research-based strategies to promote character
  • covers a comprehensive character education content base
  • can be used school and community-wide, to provide systematic character building

Tobacco Prevention Funds

Ripple Effects:

  • includes behavior techniques for cessation
  • appeals to motivators (such as fear of manipulation and appearance issues)

ESL Funds

Ripple Effects:

  • has direct sound-to-text equivalents and illustrations or photos for all screens
  • includes ESL and immigrant topics

Teacher Training Funds

Ripple Effects:

  • has programs that develop the ability to teach to different student learning issues, behavior issues, socio-cultural issues; and includes built-in, simple screening tools for ADHD, dyslexia, and more
  • offers an entire program devoted to teacher training issues, including how to present Relate programs and how to deal with delicate issues such as the disclosure of abuse
  • has customized site training available for all products

Technology Funds

Ripple Effects’:

  • familiar social content makes an ideal bridge to technology, especially for students (often girls) intimidated by complicated software programs
  • fail proof design overcomes fears about doing the “wrong” thing

Americans with Disabilities Funds

Ripple Effects:

  • is accessible to hearing impaired students who can see text and pictures for every screen
  • is accessible to visually impaired students because they can can hear almost all screens
  • includes language arts exercises
  • is accessible to students with attention deficits who can manage the 60 second or less length of each screen
  • covers a wide range of disability related topics

Student Services Funds

Ripple Effects:

  • provides counselors accurate information for hundreds of topics
  • is a communication bridge for troubled students reluctant to disclose their issues
  • matches to Principles of Effectiveness
  • provides comprehensive student assistance–violence, substance abuse, eating disorders, health issues, behavior problems, etc.

Health Education Funds

Ripple Effects:

  • matches national frameworks and standards
  • provides health education curricula that are genuinely comprehensive both in terms of topic areas and broad skill training

Desegregation Funds

Ripple Effects:

  • treats racial, ethnic and religious diversity from both structural and personal perspectives
  • includes photo images and videos of students from a wide spectrum of ethnicities and backgrounds
  • promotes diversity through empathy training

Crime Prevention Funds

Ripple Effects:

  • provides targeted intervention strategies
  • includes a tracking system for behavioral problems ranging from truancy to shoplifting to rape
  • is based on research in victimology that clearly shows a correlation between Relate’s Seven Key Skills and the risk of being a victim or a victimizer

Gender Equity Funds

Ripple Effects:

  • provides information in gender related topics for both boys and girls, from anorexia to steroid use, from PMS to rape
  • includes assessment tools and skill training for dealing with gender related issues

Foundation Funding

Ripple Effects:

  • uses proven strategies, applied in cost effective ways, with clear outcomes and evaluations
  • fits specific guidelines for youth development, violence prevention and pregnancy prevention

Private Giving

Ripple Effects:

  • appeals to community groups (like sports teams, Lion’s Clubs, or Rotary Clubs), professional organizations, church groups, businesses and private individuals
  • can be customized with the insertion of a corporate sponsor’s logo at the beginning of a program (for volume purchases serving 20,000 or more learners)

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