Three Tiered Behavioral Support

Thanks to their broad content base, modular structure, and flexible learning system, you can use Ripple Effects social learning programs in a range of settings, to achieve a range of outcomes, in a range of ways. Unlike many pre-scripted programs, there are many “right ways” to use them. 

Your goals, time constraints, computers available, number of students, and other factors, will all shape the most effective way to use the programs. Think of them as Lego™ sets, where you can combine the elements in different ways to meet your individual needs.

Who they’re for

The range of youth-serving adults and educators are using Ripple Effects software-after-school program facilitators, counselors, health educators, in-school suspension coordinators, mental health specialists, mentors, nurses, parents, peer facilitators, police officers, prevention specialists, probation officers, psychologists, teachers, vice principals.

What they’re for

  • for primary prevention, to build core social-emotional abilities and pro social values
  • for targeted intervention, to strengthen resiliency, reduce risk and ward off serious problems.
  • as an indicated intervention, for students whose behavior has brought them into discipline settings or required their labeling as having “Special Needs”

How they’re used 

  • where you need them-throughout the school and in the community;
  • how you need them-independently by the learner, one-on-one with adult facilitation, and in groups;
  • how long you need them for-minutes, hours, or days.

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