Customized Software For Your Organization

Ripple Effects recognizes that “one size fits all software” cannot meet the needs of diverse organizations and communities. Thus we offer three customizing options.

You Customize (Free)

You or your administrator can scroll through the list of topics and eliminate any you feel are inappropriate for your group, for whatever reason. It’s as simple as the click of a mouse. (Comprehensive versions only)

We Customize (Fee)

Ripple Effects can customize our program to meet your specific curriculum needs. We can customize it to be used as specific intervention, to respond to local values, to incorporate targeted issues, and/or to integrate lists of resources specific to your community.

Co-Branding (Fee)

Ripple Effects partners with organizations to create customized versions of our software applications for their constituencies. For instance, Ripple Effects and The Leadership Conference on Civil Rights have partnered to create a Hate Crime Prevention Curriculum, based on material in Ripple Effects for Teens.

For more information, please contact Ripple Effects Vice President of Education Alliances, Lew Brentano, at 888-259-6618 x 308 or via e-mail at

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