Data Driven PBIS

Using Ripple Effects for Positive Behavioral Supports

PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Support) is not a specific program, but a problem-solving framework for addressing behavior challenges in school settings. Ripple Effects Whole Spectrum Intervention System (WSIS) fits neatly into this framework. It increases capacity to deliver personalized problem-solving and emotional and behavioral supports that address not just presenting behavior, but underlying risk factors and learning differences as well. Ripple Effects addresses all four major components of the PBIS framework.

Reliance on objective data

Ripple Effects assessment tools, dosage tracking app, and capacity to export data for correlation with the School Wide Information Systems enable schools to use objective data to drive problem identification, decision making, intervention delivery, and results.

A tiered system of intervention

Ripple Effects WSIS can be used for all three tiers of intervention: Universal training and continuous reinforcement for both teachers and students to promote positive school climate (stand alone and/or supplement to character education programs), targeted intervention to prevent minor problems from becoming serious ones and personalized support, when indicated, to correct serious behavior problems without expulsion.

Use of proven behavior modification strategies

Ripple Effects uses continuous, multiple systems of reinforcement with a strong emphasis on positive reinforcement through humorous, motivational, game-style feedback and a point structure. Ripple Effects augments behavioral training with cognitive and a effective skill training strategies that have also been proven effective.

Cultural responsiveness

Ripple Effects provides a content framework that integrates issues of race, ethnicity and culture to reduce disproportionality and ensure that activities and outcomes equally benefit all students. Audio, video, photographs and drawings all have been chosen to mirror the very diverse society in which students live. Race, culture, and ethnicity are all explicitly addressed in professional development tutorials designed to raise consciousness and change behavior without blame or shame.

Use Ripple Effects to deliver data driven, tiered, behavioral interventions

Build strengths, solve problems, address trauma and underlying reasons

Ripple Effects for Teens is a Comprehensive Intervention System to address both presenting behavior problems and the reasons behind them.

Leverage Ripple Effects assessment tools and data management

Ripple Effects Whole Spectrum Intervention System (WSIS) is an integrated suite of print and electronic tools to enable needs assessment, evaluation, direct intervention delivery, and data management. It includes automated dosage tracking with the Data Manager app.

Ensure cultural responsiveness to reduce disproportionality

With culturally inclusive voices, images and experiences, and specific tutorials for both staff and students on race, ethnicity, and culture, Ripple Effects is a tool for change that can reduce legal exposure, while it raises consciousness and changes behavior of staff and students.

Address both sides of behavioral equation

Teachers and students both contribute to the dynamics of social behavior. Ripple Effects provides positive behavioral supports to both, without blame or shame to either. Both student and staff training software emphasize a strengths-based approach, linked to core social-emotional competencies. Both explicitly recognize the role that cultural di erences can play in perception, attitudes, and behavior. Both are used for all three tiers of behavioral intervention and support.

Promote positive school climate

Scope and sequences are provided for Character Education and SEL curricula. Use Ripple Effects as a free standing program or as a lesson-to-lesson supplement to other evidence- based programs.

Provide targeted prevention

Scope and sequences are provided for violence, bullying and bias activity prevention; pregnancy prevention, alcohol and tobacco abuse prevention, and prevention of academic failure. Use as a stand alone curriculum, or supplement to other prevention programs.

Deliver indicated intervention

Whether as part of a PBIS/RTI framework, in school suspension, special education, alternative education, or academic support, Ripple Effects is an unparalleled, proven effective, culturally responsive way to provide supportive interventions at far less cost than other student support services.

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