Alternative Education

Ripple Effects is used in alternative schools in many districts across the U.S. The use of the program is rapidly expanding for good reason.  Students who formerly were bored, hostile, disengaged and/or failing, are showing up, listening up, getting better grades, getting in less trouble, and staying in school.

Addresses diverse reasons for similar behavior

Most – but by no means all – students in alternative schools, especially at the middle and high school level, are there because traditional education has not worked for them. Although they may have a common history of failure, the underlying reasons for that failure are not the same. They arrive with a wide range, and each a unique combination, of internal and external, risk and protective factors, as well as diverse cultural legacies and personal learning abilities, disabilities, styles and preferences. The combination often results in an intertwining of social-emotional, academic, behavioral and mental health issues. Substance abuse may be one of them.

Increased instructional capacity without new staff

With all these complex, interrelated factors, it’s highly unlikely that every instructor who interacts with these students will have full expertise in the exact set of best practices that have been shown to be successful interventions, for the exact combination of risk factors and hopes and dreams, even one – let alone each – of these students bring to school along with a backpack. In fact, it is about as likely as there being an exact bone marrow match between every instructor and each and all students.

Ripple Effects greatly increases the chance of making a successful match.  It provides teachers with embedded professional development that promotes strong personal bonds with students, and greater ability to tease out academic, from behavioral, from mental health, from cultural issues, and then respond most appropriately to each. It expands their capacity to provide students individualized skill building and guidance on a host of personal issues without requiring additional staff or training.

Ripple Effects can help:

  • Develop instructors leadership and technical skills
  • Provide individualized, evidence-based, supportive services for students, without adding staff or extensive training for staff
  • Easily track student progress
  • Fulfill reporting requirements
  • Produce verifiable, positive results.

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