Module III: Making Programs Work

You’ve made a big investment in prevention: make sure it pays off

Too many evidence-based programs do NOT work.

Lots of SEL programs have been proven effective. Districts across the country have invested time, money, hope, passion and training in them. But too often they end up on the shelf, or don’t get expected outcomes.

Up to 2/3 of new programs end up on the shelf within 2 years of adoption. WHY?

  • Don’t have buy-in
  • Lack leadership
  • Staff turns over
  • Can’t compete with academics
  • Lack continuous training
  • Don’t have institutional home

Ongoing coaching for implementers

Module III of Ripple Effects Professional Development software coaches implementers in how to make Ripple Effects’ student skill training software and other evidence-based prevention/intervention programs work. It delivers the nuts and bolts of successful implementation, providing embedded coaching about what you want, when you want to know it. In addition a rich library of online resources include electronic copies of all thirteen manuals. It is divided into 4 units: Prepare The Way, Implement Effectively, Measure Results, Scale and Sustain. See the Scope and Sequence for Module III.

Module III enables you to scale and sustain with fidelity and adaptation, it:

  • empowers implementers to succeed and solve problems
  • makes training continuously available – anytime, anywhere
  • promotes buy-in with new staff
  • creates a site-specific implementation plan
  • develops skills in facilitating, modeling, reinforcing, ensuring compliance

Module I: Strengthening Your Leadership: 48 tutorials/12 contact hours. Personal transformation through mastery of key social-emotional abilities.See the Scope and Sequence for Module I.

Module II: Managing Diverse Learners: 29 tutorials/7 contact hours. Addressing learning, behavioral, social, cultural issues that challenge students and teacher alike. See the Scope and Sequence for Module II.

Try it: order a risk-free 30 day preview of the full program.

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