Why Seeing I to I matters so much now

October 6, 2017

In Senegal, when people greet each other, they say, “I see you.” Many of the deep social divisions that confront us today, are rooted in the failure to simply see each other as persons. Too often we don’t ever actually know “others,” because we don’t really see them as real people, instead we see ideas … Continue reading "Why Seeing I to I matters so much now"
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7 reasons why people may not want SEL in schools

July 19, 2017

As a recent Ed Week column and follow up letters to the Editor (including my own) attest: social-emotional learning (SEL) is big news these days and not everyone is happy about it. Besides the untrue claim that SEL is just self-esteem training dressed up in new language (the gist of the argument that started the … Continue reading "7 reasons why people may not want SEL in schools"
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Please don’t like me – or not

June 5, 2017

I’ve been invited, even pressed to do a regular blog. Why? Trillions of words already float around the electronic globe, so there’s no shortage of things to think about, fight about. And I already do a ton of writing – either translating complicated academic research into (hopefully) engaging and easy-to-understand digital experiences, or the reverse: … Continue reading "Please don’t like me – or not"
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The CEO face behind the curtains

June 5, 2017

People need to see a face behind the Company. That’s what folks I respect and take counsel from keep telling me. It doesn’t fit my long held belief that it is the work itself, not who does it, that’s important. Nor does it fit the reality that Ripple Effects is a collective endeavor, not an … Continue reading "The CEO face behind the curtains"
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No lying, no being mean, no partisan politics

June 4, 2017

So I’ll be responding here to things I see in the news, or think about, or that you ask about, which relate to our mission, but I won’t do partisan politics. I’ll never lie and never intentionally be mean.  I hope you will engage with me and share some of yourself, but please don’t “like” me … Continue reading "No lying, no being mean, no partisan politics"
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About Alice Ray

CEO, Alice Ray, develops the conceptual framework, information design and content for many Ripple Effects products. In those roles, she frequently has to edit her speech, either to be more formal for scientific writing, or more youth-oriented to reach student clients. On this page, she speaks in her own unfiltered voice.

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