How do people in your community see each other? Clearly? Deeply? With Respect? With Bias? With both? With neither?

The I to I Survey is a simple tool to help YOU — students, parents, teachers and non-teaching staff — learn more about how each person,  and your community as a whole, sees different groups of students. Everyone registers their level of agreement or disagreement with three sets of statements. Everyone can see the results, showing how what you see fits with the rest of their group (like student to student) and how their group compares to the other groups in your setting (like students to teachers). Schools that complete the survey at two different periods can see how your community’s attitudes and behavior change over time.

A lot of organizations are sharing this survey. All of them are doing important work to help build community in schools and other youth-serving organizations. Some focus on adults, some on kids; some focus on groups, some focus on policy issues. They each have donated one practice that works to help people really see and respect each other in community. We hope you will review their offerings and choose at least one to add to your community building efforts.

Ripple Effects and Beloved Community are sponsoring this effort.