Tier 3 – Indicated Intensive Intervention

Tertiary prevention, also called “individualized intervention”, “RTI”  (Response to Intervention), or “early intervening services,” targets students with high risk of failing. This differentiated intervention is designed for students whose behavior has brought them into discipline settings or required their labeling as having “Special needs”. It comes into play after something in a student’s behavior has brought that student to the attention of authorities: an act of defiance, a racially-charged taunt, bullying a weaker classmate, or being chronically bullied. Ripple Effects training is an efficient way to get quality, targeted training, aligned with an Individual Education Plan (lEP) to students with special needs.

For tertiary intervention to be successful, it needs to be differentiated, matched to the learning style of the student, address the underlying reason behind the unsafe or disrespectful behavior, and teach (including model) effective, positive alternatives that can also meet underlying needs.

Ripple Effects is able to fulfill all these criteria through media-rich expert system technology which matches the most relevant set of best practices to each student’s need, based on their content selections.

The implementation guide for use of Ripple Effects for positive behavior interventions, especially in discipline settings includes individual treatment plans for 20 behavioral challenges that educators tell us are most prevalent in their schools.


Positive behavioral Intervention guide