A Mighty, Small Company with a Mighty Big Mission

Ripple Effects is a lean, woman owned company (WMBE) dedicated to using digital technologies to prevent social injury and promote school and life success for children, youth and the adults who work with them.  Toward that end, we have a commitment to five things:

Every program we have introduced has won or been a finalist for at least one major award. Quality matters to us, not only in the products we develop, but in the service we offer, and the kind of relationships we have with each other.

Our stuff is tested in real world settings to make sure it works. Both government-vetted, scientific studies and day-to-day evaluation by actual users demonstrate that if clients use Ripple Effects, it will work.   Because it works, we alone among intervention providers can guarantee outcomes for our clients.

We believe gaining true equity for the disenfranchised is a key part of reducing social injury, from both victim and perpetrator perspectives. That’s why we are proud to include in our programs skill training for addressing social justice issues – racial equity, economic justice, civil rights for gay and transgender youth, inclusion for people with disabilities, and protection of religious freedom – along with more traditional social-emotional skill training.

It has become almost a truism that digital products are either engaging and easy to use, or evidence-based and effective. Ripple Effects programs are both. The genuine engagement does not come from the latest electronic bells and whistles, but from deeply involving users in the very personalized process of solving the mysteries of their own lives. We do it with a sense of fun and artistry that resonates with users even in the midst of very difficult situations. And yes, we make the tech cool.

Ethics in business
Our identity as a double bottom line business means we are equally committed to serving the interests of all our stakeholders: our young users most of all, angel investors for sure, but also administrators, teachers, parents, community interest groups, the earth that hosts us, and of course, our own staff. We are committed to providing a financial ROI, as well as social return, for clients as well as investors. We are equally committed to fair labor practices, effiicient use of resources, and environmentally responsible policies.

Founders, Management, Advisors, and Staff
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