About Ripple Effects

You’ll have serious social impact when you bring your talent to Ripple Effects. Founded in 1996, Ripple Effects is the global leader in providing digital tools to address non-academic factors in school success, from social-emotional skill deficits, to traumatic experience (like being bullied or molested), to systemic issues like racism and sexism. Our programs serve more than 400,000 students in 4,000 schools, and many of their lives change because of it. We have 29 awards from software, education, health and communication industries, have strong evidence of effectiveness and are listed on several national Model Program lists.

Current Job Openings

Software Developer

About you
We’re looking for a really great software developer with a commitment to excellence and a strong social consciousness to join our small, but mighty team. You will program upgrades to keep our product lines up to date, create the capacity to efficiently port them to phones and collaborate on the design for, as well as architect, new products.

What we build
Ripple Effects builds three kinds of digital products: 1) Self-directed, motivational counseling and skill training tools for students from Pre-K through 12 and their teachers 2) Story apps for early learners 3) Robust, secure, data management systems for all levels. Our training programs are available in multiple formats: as desktop applications, for delivery on iPad, Android, and Surface Tablets; as well as Chromebooks.

We use
We use Actionscript, Java script, SQL, PHP; Adobe AIR, Corona; SVN, etc. We adopt new technologies as they become available, if – and only when – it becomes clear they’ll help us get more quickly to market and better serve our clients. 

You need
You need good experience writing code, but age and education level are not important. Prior specific experience in full stack coding is necessary. You’ll do front end, back end and everything in between for our multi-award winning, evidence based product line. Strong communication skills, problem-solving abilities, a recognition of the importance of non-academic factors in school and life success and a strong commitment to social justice are also essential. We’re a small team with a culture of excellence built on high expectation, high efficiency and high support for all. We are not an 80-hour a week company. We highly value family and other personal relationships; thus, to get everything done in our 40 hour week, you need to be fast, attentive and a great problem solver.

Either working remotely or working in our SF East Bay offices can work for us.

To Apply
Please send us your resume or LinkedIn profile and answers to the following questions:

  • Statement of Interest: Why do you want to work for Ripple Effects? What will you bring to our team?
  • Project Links: Are there projects you’ve worked on that you can share with us? Send a link and tell us about it. What’s it for? Why did you write it? What do you like about it? etc.

We look forward to hearing from you at